Best Coffee Makers 2019. Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Coffee machines represent the ideal of making coffee. From the usual coffee machines they differ in the complete automation of processes, starting with the grind of the beans and ending with bottling the finished beverage cups.

This kitchen equipment is extremely convenient for busy people. With its help, they can quickly prepare coffee for any recipe.
Types of coffee machines

This kitchen equipment is known for several types of coffee machines:

  • 1) carob,
  • 2) espresso harvester,
  • 3) Calloway,
  • 4) capsule,
  • 5) automatic.

Minimal functionality Rozhkova espresso machine

Very easy to operate machine, operating in semi-automatic mode. The technology consists in laying ground coffee in the horn, which is inserted into the device and tightly fixed. After pressing the button under pressure is hot water through the horn and coffee. It passes in the opening of the horn through the coffee tablet, and the finished coffee pours into the Cup. Then the spent coffee is removed, and the horn is gently washed.

Carob machines are often equipped with a tube for steam. Its purpose is to whisk the milk for cappuccino. However, in practice, only in expensive devices and high-quality steam nozzle provide a good foam.

When choosing this type of coffee machine can not ignore the material of the horn. If it is plastic, it is better not to buy it. Coffee with such horns is much worse than metal.

The advantages of this type of machine are:

relatively low price (100-300 usd.),
small footprint.
But they are seen and disadvantages:
How to choose the right coffee machine for home use

Carob coffee machine
You need a choice between ground coffee and coffee grinder. In this case, the finished coffee has a taste determined by the quality of grinding. If it is large, the coffee will be watery and weak. When grinding too fine, the machine may not have enough pressure to pass water through the coffee tablet. Therefore, a coffee grinder with grinding quality control is required. Or you need to carefully choose the grind when buying coffee.
The degree of strength of coffee is regulated only by the amount of water. More than one Cup, the coffee will be weaker.
The cooking procedure itself is not very fast. After all, you first need a neat laying of coffee in the horn (there still need skill). At the end of the horn should be cleaned.

Espresso-combine – two-in-one

This machine combines a coffee machine and a coffee grinder. When buying, you need to focus on the coffee grinder. It can be with metal or ceramic millstones. The latter are characterized by quiet operation, but they are less durable than metal. More common metal millstones. But in General, both options are equally good.

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