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Looking for something?  Have a quick question? The answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions are listed below but if you don’t find the answer to you question please get in touch.

Will the Single Serve Coffee Cups in these sampler packs work in a Keurig brewer? What about the new 2.0 brewer?

Yes. Best Coffee Gift Ever is not affiliated with Keurig or the Green Mountain Coffee roasters company but the single serve cups should work in most Keurig brewers including the 2.0 brewers as well as most other single serve coffeemakers. However they will not work in the Vue machines.

Is there instant coffee in the single serve cups?

Absolutely not! All of our sampler packs contain products made by Two Rivers Coffee where only 100% Arabica coffee beans are used for the single serve coffees. Each roast is inspected and certified according to specific standards of each region and is imported as premium coffee.

What are “Arabica Coffee Beans”

Arabica coffee is the seed from the fruit of the Arabica species of coffee tree. Arabica trees produce a fine quality coffee and require special soil conditions, high altitudes and just the right balance of warmth and moisture. They are generally less bitter, less acidic, and are of a higher quality than other coffee bean species sometimes used such as robusta.

What is the difference between roasts?

Light Roasts: Produces medium light brown beans. This roast is the norm for eastern USA. This roast is crips, has very subtle flavoring and is the most often used for cupping or professional tasting.

Medium Roasts: Produces more of a medium brown bean almost the color of dark chocolate. This roast is common in the western parts of the USA. This roast is a good choice to taste broad differences between coffees.

Dark Roasts: Produces dark brown beans. The beans will start to show some oily drops on the surface with this roast. Dark roast coffee is less acidic and will have almost caramel tasting undertones.

Do the flavored coffees contain any sugar or sweeteners?

No. Our coffees do not have any added sugars or sweeteners and as such are also calorie free. The addition of milk and sugar in a cup of coffee however, will add calories.

Do the Hot Cocoas Cappuccinos, & Ciders contain sweeteners?

Yes the Hot Cocoas Cappuccinos, & Ciders are pre-sweetened. They contain both natural and artificial sweeteners. The ingredients and nutritional facts can be found in the “Additional Information” section on the product pages.

Are the products gluten free?

All of the single serve cups in the samplers are gluten free. Coffee by nature, is not a source of gluten and our ground coffee is produced in a dedicated facility where no other types of agricultural crops are handled or processed; however, due to the use of common equipment within the agricultural community to harvest, our coffees may contain trace amounts of grain-based ingredients. The soluble Cocoas Cappuccinos, & Ciders are also gluten free.

Are any of the sampler packs Kosher?

Yes, they all are. All of the coffees are certified by the StarK and all of the powdered solubles (Cocoas Cappuccinos, & Ciders) are certified by the CRC of Chicago.